Špancirfest 2022. (19.8. – 28.8.2022.)

Wherever and however you decide to enjoy your summer, Varaždin’s Špancirfest Street Festival has been leading the way as the go-to summer celebration within the region for no less than 23 years. The largest, most popular and most appealingly diverse Croatian festival, beautifully transforms Varaždin’s streets, squares and parks into an unparalleled hub of music, art, gastronomy, socializing and entertainment – all rolled into one! Špancirfest, which has grown a well-deserved reputation as an irreplaceable symbol of Varaždin, is synonymous with an incredible amount of good vibes from thousands of visitors who enjoy every one of the ten festival days and faithfully, keep coming back for more year after year – ready to discover something new, fresh and intriguing.

This year’s Špancirfest will be proudly held from August 19 – 28 and, after a long time, ready to be even bigger and better than ever!

The Varaždin Tourist Board, the organizer of Špancirfest, thanks, above all to the City of Varaždin and its sponsors and patrons, has crafted a rich feel-good schedule that, combined by hundreds of diverse programs, will re-create that favourite festival magic where everyone – whoever you are – can always find something special.


The festival’s music program, known as the most interesting element for its audience, once again, this year – won’t disappoint! Špancirfest will offer a fabulous diverse musical program on two main stages, together with several smaller stages, and of course – sprinkled across Varaždin’s streets and squares.

Audiences will be treated to performances from Letu Štuke, Pips, chips & videoclips, Daleka obala, Petar Grašo, Dubioza kolektiv and S.A.R.S. all featured on the PAN STAGE near the Old Town. There’ll also be one particular day purely dedicated to Varaždin’s young musical talent. The concert program of the PAN STAGE wraps up with favourites of Špancirfest, Croatian band – Let 3. Concerts on the PAN STAGE are completely free of charge.

Villa Bedeković continues to remain faithful to its exclusive atmosphere featuring an amazing Opera Gala Evening featuring (Lana Kos, Tamara Ivaniš, David Oštrek, Marko Mimica, Marina Monzo, Matteo Ivan Rašić, Carles Pachon, Miloš Bulajić, Ena Pongrac, Jaka Mihelač and Kora Pavelić) for the first time at the festival (August 19). Equally, audiences can enjoy the appealing musical combination of coast and continent shared by Tedi Spalato, Zorica Kondža and the Varaždin Tambourine Orchestra (August 20). Listen to the unique and great voice of Massimo in a more intimate edition of the second festival Saturday (August 27), and finish-on-a-high note with a unique combination of rock and authentic Sevdah, Vatra and the great Bože Vreća on the closing night of Špancirfest (August 28).

Vila Bedeković is also the only concert stage where tickets are sold. Tickets are charged at 80.00 kuna.


The theatre program at Villa Bedeković, for many is an essential part of Špancirfest, always full of laughter, smiles and feel-good vibes shared every evening – something everyone should experience!

This year’s agenda features three hit comedy performances (in Croatian): “Udaj se muški” (Get married, guys!) on 21.8. “Idemo uživo” (Going LIVE) on 25.8. and “Beba” (Baby) on 26.8. The laughter doesn’t end there – as there will be a showcase of three hilarious Croatian stand-up shows: “Oženjeni” (Married) on 22.8 performed by BIS Comedy, “Dobra večer, došao sam po Vašu kćer“ (Good evening, I’ve come for your daughter) on 23.8 performed by The Kerekesh Theatre and “Zabezeknut” on 24.8 performed by Vlatko Štampar.

Tickets for the Špancirfest theatre program at Vila Bedeković will be on sale at 70.00 kuna for theatre performances and 60.00 kuna for stand-up comedy shows.

STREET Program

Every year, the experience among the streets of Špancirfest is widely considered to be the festival’s heart and soul. This is where it all began for Špancirfest – on the street. The street is a place of movement, energy, change and surprise and so this year there’s a clear emphasis on exactly those elements. Namely, the overflowing list of street performers is made up of on-the-move performers, from walking drummers or entire bands to costumed stilt walkers. This year sees the return of the incredible drummers of the Brincadeira group with a fabulous new show. There’ll be audience favourites from Stelzen Art with a fresh new program, wrapped up with good-vibes, energetic pulse and magical rhythm of everything that moves, breathes and features through Varaždin’s streets of its historical centre.

Once again, “Street Heroes“ will perform through the streets of the city. These are essentially hand-picked artists and performers, selected in an online competition organized every year. Based on their quality, votes determine the outcome – giving them the wonderful opportunity to perform in some of the most attractive spots throughout Varaždin’s historic core. The online competition “Become a Street Hero of Špancirfest” is still open to the public, and artists can apply at the link à https://woobox.com/kx8qen

Varaždin’s main square, locally known as the popular Korzo, becomes a place to meet and socialize, with music playing from a kind of “pop-up” music stage with the help of a musical camper, while every evening it magically comes-to-life thanks to the sparkling colourful light projection of La Luz group, which wonderfully transforms the Korzo into a fairy-tale experience.

KREATIVNICA – The Creative Zone

The creative flavour of this year’s Špancirfest will continue to be one of its most important focal points found in the wonderful Uska Street – otherwise known as KREATIVNICA. Thanks to the combination of already established and new creators, it becomes packed with (young) design and youthful creative energy, pushing boundaries and showcasing artists into direct contact with the public. KREATIVNICA not only becomes a place for creativity, strolling and buying a few artistic bargains, but equally a place to socialize, relax, laugh and smile.

Školska Street will once again, during Špancirfest transform into UMJETNIČKA – The Artists Zone, showcasing selected artists from Varaždin and the region.

LOOP Music Clinic

Creative wannabe musicians who want to learn to play or simply improve their musical skills will once again be able to take part in the LOOP Music Clinic. This is a rich program of free music workshops, as well as short talks for children and adults, together with a diverse street music program by well-known and lesser-known musicians at popular spots in front of Varaždin homes in Gajeva Street.

Foodie Favourites

Over the years, Špancirfest has been synonymous with a rich, high-quality and diverse gastronomic offer. Each edition of the festival, attempts to deliciously push the boundaries, making a new step forward in the festival’s flavour of hedonistic delights.

Špancirfest 2022 takes a big step forward as its gastronomic and general hospitality offer becomes more luxurious than ever.

The Wine City“ makes a welcome return to the spacious green plateau under the walls of the Old Town. Just a few steps away, the “Carlsberg Gastro & Party Zone“ offers tasty street food snacks and drinks, featuring its own club music program. The novelty of this year’s festival is the “ŠpancirBurger festival“ located on Kapucinski Square and turning the space into a true oasis of treats.

Špancirfest for kids & teens

Špancirfest is for everyone – and always pays special attention to its younger audience. Every year the festival is overflowing with things to do and experience for children – with 2022 as no exception. The Creative Park takes the lead in terms of stimulating creativity with its workshops, as well as dance, music and children’s shows. The unavoidable Vindilandreturns to the Old Town with a vibrant colourful entertainment program packed with games, fun and an organized agenda, and the large Lunapark, adds the adrenaline element – giving kids and teens exactly what they want!


The colourful streets of Varaždin become even more appealing during Špancirfest due to the playful pulse of the exhibitors stands and huts, offering a wide variety of products, souvenirs, and tasty authentic snacks. Almost the entire historic city core of Varaždin will be full of exhibitors this year, coming from all over Croatia, as well as Slovenia and Hungary.

The exhibitors along Draškovićeva Street will have a real Varaždin flair. It becomes the focal point of Varaždin craftsmen who stand out, not only with their craft but equally due to their hospitality and openness so typical of the city that gave birth to the Špancirfest festival.

Always aiming to upgradethe festival, there’s a “new” street of Špancirfest – adding something new to the program. The northern part of Augusta Šenoe Street, already a pedestrian zone for a few years – becomes the INA Fresh Street. So much more to share – but there are still 42 days until the start of Špancirfest festival, so let’s leave something more to look forward to a little later…