Damir Urban & 4



8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Vila Bedeković

COVID passport is required.

The audience's favourite, great author and singer, Damir Urban, we are not ashamed to say, is a frequent guest of Špancirfest. Judging by the indescribable amount of emotional charge that his concerts create, we hope that it will remain so often in the future.

Damir Urban, first with Laufer, and then equally, if not more, with his "Four" has been one of the most important musicians of the last thirty years. His irreplaceably recognizable vocals, authorial signature, phenomenal band and cult status with the audience, create a magical combination that is remembered even months after the throat recovers from singing. We last saw him at Stari grad three years ago. Since then a lot has happened and we need Urban again.

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