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Špancirfest 2022 - Vizual - side 01
Musical program

Dodger Artfool & The Vipers

Dodger Artfool & The Vipers is an alternative rock band from Varaždin, formed in August 2022. The band represents the continuation of the singer-songwriter work of Dominik Markovinović (aka. Dodger Artfool), who meets several like-minded musicians from several other Varaždin bands (Drone hunter, fakin lajsne, Sten mol, Youngsters). With the formation of the band, the sound of the songs that were created years ago in an acoustic arrangement completely changed. The band is taking advantage of the COVID situation by locking themselves in a rehearsal room and creating their own original music.

In April 2021. year, the band entered the Penthouse studio to record their first two singles “Hvala ti Ameriko” and “Kao da”. The band’s first performance was in the atrium of the library in Varaždin on the occasion of the recording of the “hidden point” session, and a few days later they shot their first video clip for the song “Hvala ti Ameriko”. After the first two singles, the band dedicated itself to live concerts (Varaždin, Koprivnica, Sv. Ivan Zelina, Zabok, Ivanić Grad, Zagreb). In June 2022. the band drops their latest single titled Captain of Sunken Ships.

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