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Špancirfest 2022 - Vizual - side 01
Street program


19.08. @ 17:00h - 17:45h
19.08. @ 20:00h - 20:45h
20.08. @ 10:00h - 10:45h
20.08. @ 20:00h - 20:45h
21.08. @ 10:00h - 10:45h
21.08. @ 20:00h - 20:45h

In the Flemish language, “DROM” literally means “many people” . According to our calculation, 35 drummers is exactly what can be considered a “crowd” preparing an original, fabulous energy -filled show, accompanied by visual effects. Everything with DROM is original – the real thing. No imitations or ready-mades. This dynamic ensemble plays complex rhythms without a clear traditional origin. Hear for yourself all of these powerful, rhythmic beats and tunes as they bring a feel-good pulse through the festival streets of Varaždin.

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