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Špancirfest 2022 - Vizual - side 01
Street program

Duo Kaos

19.08. @ 18:00h - 18:45h
19.08. @ 19:30h - 20:15h
20.08. @ 11:00h - 11:45h
20.08. @ 18:00h - 18:45h
21.08. @ 11:00h - 11:45h
21.08. @ 18:30h - 19:15h

Performers that really cherish the expressiveness of contemporary circus, every year at Špancirfest always make a real impact. Duo Kaos is no exception, quite the contrary. A group of great acrobats, comedians and street artists who beautifully combine movement, the trademark of this year’s street program, with bicycle acrobatics to the universal delight of everyone who happens to be near.

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