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Špancirfest - Vizual
Street program

Grande Cantagrio Barattoli

23.08. @ 17:30h - 18:15h
23.08. @ 19:00h - 19:45h
24.08. @ 17:30h - 18:15h
24.08. @ 19:00h - 19:45h
25.08. @ 17:30h - 18:15h
25.08. @ 19:00h - 19:45h

A five-piece band of steampunk musicians who share musical stories will perform popular tunes from the rich musical tradition of Europe. To add even more value and intrigue, the show also includes puppets, drawing the audience into the story, anecdotes and skits. Get ready to enjoy a real mobile theatre on the festival streets of Varaždin.


You can explore the rich program of Špancirfest 2023 in the program booklet, which you can download here.

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