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Špancirfest - Vizual
Street program

Le Cyclofa

23.08. @ 17:00h - 18:05h
23.08. @ 19:30h - 20:35h
24.08. @ 17:00h - 18:05h
24.08. @ 19:30h - 20:35h
25.08. @ 17:00h - 18:05h
25.08. @ 19:30h - 20:35h

Dressed in Victorian garb, Madame Silhouette and Monsirur Penombre stage a romantic encounter inspired by pre-cinematic times and tell their story with period devices such as kamishibai flippers and silhouette clips, all the way to a large screen inspired by the poetry of master Fellini.


You can explore the rich program of Špancirfest 2024. in the program booklet, which you can download here.

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