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Špancirfest - Vizual
Children's programme

Reciklopolis – Mysterious Tree – Wooden Toys

18.08. @ 09:00h - 13:00h
18.08. @ 16:00h - 19:00h
19.08. @ 09:00h - 13:00h
19.08. @ 16:00h - 19:00h
20.08. @ 09:00h - 13:00h
20.08. @ 16:00h - 19:00h
25.08. @ 09:00h - 13:00h
25.08. @ 16:00h - 19:00h
26.08. @ 09:00h - 13:00h
26.08. @ 16:00h - 19:00h
27.08. @ 09:00h - 13:00h
27.08. @ 16:00h - 19:00h

These workshops are intended for children of preschool and primary school age, to develop their creative impulse through exploratory play, storytelling and reflection. Equally, learn to use tools through the processing of nature’s elements. From colourful and unusual pieces of wood, soft or rough touch, decorative dry pumpkin to make rattles or mobiles, pine cones or something more exotic such as pistachio, with its green colour, to the fragrant olive or black ebony oak, over two thousand years old.


You can explore the rich program of Špancirfest 2024. in the program booklet, which you can download here.

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