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Špancirfest - Vizual
Musical program

Sunset zona

19.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
20.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
21.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
22.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
23.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
24.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
25.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
26.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
27.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h
28.08. @ 20:00h - 23:59h

Ten days of programs with a focus on the DJ music scene await you during Špancirfest on Stančić Square. It is a Sunset zone that will combine the incompatible: club music with instruments such as saxophone, conga and even violin.


Friday 19th August – SASHA MIKAC vs. TIMO G
Saturday 20th August – ALEN MARKEZ vs. LANA ŠKRGATIĆ on SAX
Sunday 21st August – VOLTAIR
Monday 22nd August – MARIO KOVAČ
Thursday 23rd August – KAY ZRILL
Wednesday 24th August – KRLE on perkusions vs. BUREK on DRUMMS vs. POTOČNIK on SAX
Thursday 25th August – DARRIX TRACE
Friday 26th August – VEDRAN CAR
Saturday 27th August – BACK 2 DISCO; KRNYA
Sunday 28th August – NKLE & P4 DANCE SHOW by Maja Kućar


You can explore the rich program of Špancirfest 2023 in the program booklet, which you can download here.

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