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Špancirfest - Vizual


Kazališni program
21st Aug - 8:30 PM
70 kn

“Get married, guys!”, one of the most successful and acclaimed theatre hit comedies, winning over audiences and critics in Serbia, will do the same at Špancirfest on the first eagerly anticipated theatre night at Villa Bedeković on Sunday, August 21st 2022.

The plot follows three friends who, partly by their own fault and partly by fate, find themselves in an awkward situation when they discover the money to be paid for one of their weddings – has disappeared and the bride is expecting a lavish and expensive party. In order to smooth things out and try to (impossibly) keep the bride happy, they embark on a mission of organizing a wedding – without any money. The twists, adventures and hilarious moments unfold along the way.

This intriguing comedy story, without cursing, neither vulgarity nor politics, is simply packed with curious twists and turns, seasoned with original music. A worthwhile amusing, yet also bitter story about our mentality.

TEXT: Dunja Petrović
DIRECTOR: Marija Barne Lipkovski.
CAST: Snežana Savić, Ratko Tankosić-Sarma, Miloš Đorđević, Stefan Uroš Tešić, Predrag Kotur and Aleksandar Jovanović

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