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Špancirfest - Vizual


Kazališni program
24th Aug - 8:30 PM
10 €

In cooperation with Gloria magazine, Luda kuća presents its new comedy. We will follow the everyday life of a successful marketing agency. Director Orkan, a great lover of animals, especially lamb on a spit, Dolly, his biggest fan and the one who actually runs the company, and Nina, correct, honest and always politically correct, and the youngest member of the team, will find themselves in an awkward situation. Namely, their longtime collaborator Pero, a handsome but not very bright actor, will put his career and the agency in trouble with his clumsy public speech on a very important and sensitive women’s topic. As we watch the agency burn under its heels, angry clients cancel one job after another, and Peri’s career crumbles, we will find out which of our actors was hit by Cupid’s arrow.

See how the tangles will be unraveled and whether we will end up happily through the great game of actors’ division, in the play Nothing without advertisement.

Kako će se zazvrzlama otpetljati i hoćemo li sretno završiti pogledajte kroz sjajnu igru glumačke podjele, u predstavi Ništa bez reklame.

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