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Špancirfest - Vizual

Operna Gala večer

Glazbeni program
19th Aug - 8:30 PM
80 kn

Villa Bedeković is a wonderful and elegant location, almost as if it was purely created for exclusive concert experiences taking place there since we discovered it as a music stage. One of these experiences will certainly be the Opera Gala Evening. As its name suggests, it’s an evening that brings selected melodies of Mozart, Donizzeti, Verdi, Bellini and others performed by the fantastic voices of soloists Lana Kos, Tamara Ivaniš, Ene Pongrac, Matteo Ivan Rašić, Marko Mimic, Jak Mihelač, Charles Pachon, David Oštrek, Kora Pavelić, Marina Monzo and Miloš Bulajić.

The concert is designed as a festival performance at the open house of the Croatian Opera Academy – Varaždin 2022, which takes place immediately prior to Špancirfest, so the already rich-filled program will be well under way.

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