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Špancirfest - Vizual

“OŽENJENI” – Stand-up comedy show (BIS Comedy)

Kazališni program
22nd Aug - 8:30 PM
60 kn

This is a stand-up show in which three men share all the charms of married life, inevitable love relationships, situations with better halves, and what it’s like to have/not have sex in marriage. They amusingly share what happens in bed, how it was before and what they predict for the future. If you’ve ever wondered how comedians are doing with their better halves, now’s your chance to find out.


Marko Dejanović – Married because he wanted to take advantage of tax benefits. These days, he leaves the apartment only when his wife takes their child to kindergarten or the park and in the evening if he has a show. He was once caught hiding in a children’s tent at IKEA, resisting being forcibly dragged out, passively resisting and cursing in Swedish – although there were no Swedes around.

Goran Vinčić – the peasant man! Married to a girl from his own village. But their baby is a native of Zagreb. Although at first sight, he may look like some kind of traditional “pater familias”, he is a man of enviable cooking talents, surpassed only by his talent for swallowing burek and draining jars of honey.

Hrvoje Krmelić – He, himself – feels like he’s married. But he is definitely not married! We don’t want to have problems with some organizations and claim that Hrc (Hrvoje’s imaginative nickname) is actually a married man. We don’t need a decision of the Constitutional Court that prevents us from calling what Hrc is in marriage. So, Hrvoje is not married, but in more ways than one, he’s ended up in marriage!

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