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Špancirfest - Vizual

Theater play „IDEMO UŽIVO“

Kazališni program
25th Aug - 8:30 PM
70 kn

Igor Mešin and Rene Bitorajac are well-known actors who we are used to seeing together on the Croatian small screen. Performing together in many series and movies, and equally side-by-side hosting countless seasons of popular Croatian TV talent shows – there’s one thing they’ve never done together – perform on a theatre stage!

Fortunately for Špancirfest, they decided to change this with the performance “Going Live”, on Friday August 25th, 2022 at Villa Bedeković.

Mešin and Bitorajac created a hilarious play featuring a bit of everything they’ve done together: TV, film, theatre, acting, directing and presenting. They share with us all the good and bad sides of their professions, with a few questions that informatively best describe the show:

How can you earn money as a clapper?
What was it like to be a presenter back in the day?
Which audience is out of luck?
Was it better to be an actor then or now?
Why not in the US?
What are our neighbours like?
How to enrol in the Academy and why?
How to steal seconds on television?
Who’s responsible for creating the mood on entertainment shows?
Are you ready to die in front of the audience for the sake of… the bank?
Should you listen to the director?
Why put olive oil on food?
Come, see and feel.

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