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Špancirfest - Vizual

Vatra & Božo Vrećo

Glazbeni program
28th Aug - 8:30 PM
80 kn

Music can be even more wonderful when collaboration happens. Especially when very different artists come together to create something special. The magic that occurs when two stylistically significantly different expressions are combined, pushes the boundaries of the imaginable and often creates extremely talented work. One example is between the band Vatra and the sevdah star Bože Vreća, well-known regionally in the form of the hit “Rum na Usnama”.

Vatra and Božo Vrećo, each individually are good friends of Špancirfest, and this year for the first time, visitors to the festival will have the opportunity to see them combined in a unique concert experience that unites rock and sevdah – conjuring up something seemingly incompatible.

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