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Špancirfest - Vizual

VLATKO ŠTAMPAR – “Zabezeknut” stand-up comedy show

Kazališni program
24th Aug - 8:30 PM
60 kn

Dear people, as you can see, things generally fall apart.
Lies, slander, murder, theft and cheating, plus bans, fear and the new normal.
You know everything.
But you have to look at things on the bright side. You should not think about it.
How? Simply. You surprise someone with something good.

For those who have not experienced this man’s style of comedy, Vlatko will remain the never-found embodiment of all those crazy thoughts that each of us thinks in that part of the mind that we ignore for a reason. Vlatko continues to remain a catalyst for crazy associations, combined with his irreplaceable manner, inevitably creating laugh-out-loud moments, making him one of the best comedians “in this area”. Except in Hungary.

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