The Creative Aspect in the specially designed narrow street, the art and craft street, are just some of the content that brings art to direct contact with the audience.

Špancirfest encourages and assists the development of cultural and creative industries. The best way to do this is to design programmes that will create a direct link between the artists and the wide market – the numerous festival audience. The artistic and creative programmes at Špancirfest turn the streets into studios and galleries, inviting visitors to workshops and demonstrations. Kreativnica (the creative space) located in the specially decorated Uska ulica (narrow street), the art and the craft streets, are just some of the ways that enable direct contact between art and its audience.

Creativity, however, is not reserved for artists and professionals alone. Špancirfest builds its appeal on its unique relationship with the audience, which is an integral part of the festival, but also by active participation in designing ways to enrich the very community from which the festival has sprung.

This year, the exhibitors in Kreativnica: Broth, Narteos, GoRetro, LEVIN COCO, naOtoku, Juja, WOOD U, Kištra by Vavra, Laridae Design, FCKBL, Glass Land, Ayelen, Kookabee, Bura, OaZo Ceamics, EKOTEKA, Fierce Woman, SITOLAB, LeBand Home, Tikvan, Smetnjak, Itas Pitas, Merien King, Double Trouble Dog Boutique.

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