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The youngest visitors of Špancirfest (‘Špancireri’) aren’t any bit less important guests of the festival, as it is precisely the richness and the variety of the content for children that will create life-lasting memories for the little ones.

The children’s unlimited energy in a combination with original and interesting contents of the Park of Creativity are a promise of special adventure for the youngest at Špancirfest.

The space in the shade behind the Varaždin Cathedral is for ten days an oasis of play and creativity. Through fun and educational workshops, music programmes, plays and through (what is to children the main and most important activity through which they learn) play, the youngest visitors of Špancirfest feel welcomed to express their creative potential here.

Vindiland is a children’s land in a very well-known location by the Old Town and the Tower with a chain bridge. The unstopping play lasts for the whole ten days and the many activities and happy entertainers make the experience complete.

The big adrenaline amusement park provides a combination of entertainment and excitement for all adventure lovers.

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