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Špancirfest 2022 - Vizual - side 01


You can always guarantee, Špancirfest always ensures children have a great time! Little ones make their choice between a touch of creativity at the Creative Park, having bundles of fun at the open-air Vindiland or perhaps the excitement of the amusement park.

Špancirfest is essentially a festival for everyone – including children and young people. Špancirfest children’s program is known for its accessibility, diversity and safety. 

A great mix of fun, education and creativity, with a wide choice – from playing and creative workshops, dancing, adrenaline fun to music programs and shows. Something for the whole family, keeping the kids constantly happy and occupied!

There is really a lot of activities and content: the legendary Vindland, the unbeatable Creative Park and the great amusement park are just three main backbones in the wealth of content for children of all ages. 

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