During the 20 years of the Špancirfest, streets, squares, atria, buildings and meadows of the city of Varaždin, hosted thousands of performers – singers, players, actors, street performers, dancers, artists and other artists.

The main attraction of Špancirfest is the streets of the historic core of Varaždin, and the street programme is the heart and soul of the festival.

Špancirfest started off as a street festival, and despite its growth, the expansion and the abundance of the current programme, by many standards it has remained loyal to its roots. This is not a coincidence because the direct contact between art and its audience creates a special energy that causes tens of thousands of visitors to visit Špancirfest year after year.

Street performances, street theatre, a new circus, whatever you wish to call the artists and entertainers that candidly amuse the crowds of visitors without the barriers of a stage – only the best come to Špancirfest.

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