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Špancirfest - Vizual


A realm of fantastic bites, tastes and smells

Kapucinski Square, as in 2022, is the perfect host for the festival’s burger corner! Not only is this a great spot for a real rhapsody of flavours and aromas, but equally, a wonderful area to enjoy various performances and musical moments on the big stage. This ideal place to spend time with friends tasting
delicious snacks and beer, as well as chilled gins and cocktails, wines and brandies – all found at the Central bar and the Jingle Bells stand.

This year, things are getting even tastier as famous Chefs are coming to town – ready to share their perspectives and advice! The talented Mate Janković, always full of new ideas, arrives with his Institute
for Burgers, the charming Chef Ivan Pažanin, at the burger corner, will create a special Dalmatian version of this popular dish and Chef Marko Palfi from Međimurje in Full Circle stand, will delight us all with his homemade burgers.
Melkior, the well-known face from The Croatian TV show – Masterchef in his Bite of Fun corner, will share intriguing new bites, and Eduard Beg prepares real delicacies at Beg’s Plant Base, which shouldn’t be missed! A relatively new burger concept will be presented at 4Burgers – so-called smash burgers,
which retain their juiciness thanks to a special preparation method. The aromas, smells and feel-good vibe of the sea come to town with the vibrant Picnic Mingle&Fun team from Zadar. They arrive in their
silver speedboat, and with them, a multiple meat winner of various competitions. Who is it? Just ask them to find out! Last but not least, Škartoc ljubavi takes its place on the burger scene – a force from the neighbourhood, ready to share great finger-lickining flavours.

Whichever burger you go for, your taste buds won’t be disappointed! Following a good bite-to-eat and drink, time for a bit of exercise – that’s why we have featured great DJs, led by Ozren Kanceljak, live concerts, a large area for the little ones, as well as culinary workshops.

See you at Kapucinski Square!

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