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Špancirfest - Vizual


The burger corner of Špancirfest can be found on the spacious Kapucinski Square, where, over the entire ten days of the festival – a wonderful rhapsody of meat flavours and aromas unfold.

The burger corner of Špancirfest found on Kapucinski Square serves-up a wonderful rhapsody of meat flavours and aromas. The list of chefs who come up with new flavors and combinations for Špancirfest is impressive.

One of them is the multiple award-winning Reshetka – a festival version of the team from Đurina Hiža, which is on home soil. Nikola and the guys are so skillful in flipping burgers from the finest meat that your taste buds will sing with joy. Seafood burger flavors will be presented by the team from Zadar, Picnic Fun Mingle, while warmth and pleasant spiciness, “just the way it should be”, will be created by BBQ Hot Yard. Gourmets eager to explore new things will be able to try a completely new burger concept in the 4BURGERS – Your everyday burger house, and for the first time at a festival, the butcher shop The meat will present its meat delicacies shaped into delicious burgers made from local meat in collaboration with chef Nenad Komes. , for those who don’t like or don’t eat meat, juicy and tasty burgers from Beg’s Plant Based are coming to Špancirfest.

Along with the burgers, more delights ranging from cocktails to beer, some homemade brandy, and a real potpourri of flavours and experiences accompanied by a fabulous music program.

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