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Špancirfest - Vizual
Musical program

Rock opera

When 50 performers from an international symphony orchestra, big band, and choir perform the greatest world hits that are included in all music encyclopedias, with lavish scenography, lighting, and sound, it is clear that this is a spectacle you cannot miss. Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Doors, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Tina Turner, Prince, and other world-renowned names, in an unusual blend of classical and rock music, attract all generations whether they listened to music on vinyl records or are learning about it on the internet. After sold-out tours in the region, the performance on the main festival PAN stage at Stari grad is a unique opportunity to enjoy this unrepeatable musical experience.


You can explore the rich program of Špancirfest 2024. in the program booklet, which you can download here.

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