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Kreativnica – Fun & Creativity Go Hand in Hand at the 25th Špancirfest

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At „Kreativnica“, Špancirfest’s most creative spot of the festival, this year welcomes a record number of no less than 50 exhibitors. Never before have so many creative exhibitors been present at Kreativnica in Uska Street (Narrow Street) which simply became “too narrow”, so this year it’s time to spread and expand the area to include part of Kukuljevićeva Street and Marijan Zuber Walkway. Although difficult to choose the best on offer as they are all excellent designers with attractive, interesting and creative products, for those who are lovers of creativity and design, we showcase five interesting stories behind this year’s creatives.

1. Unusual Posters – get-to-know the analog-digital puzzles of modern life

Boris Pleša showcases creative posters inspired by POP culture! If you’re looking for an attractive framed poster, drop by his exhibition space during Špancirfest, and maybe one of them would fit perfectly in your room. An extra benefit of his work is that all posters are printed on recycled paper.

2. Aromatherapy Sets – feel the gentle touch of Mediterranean winds

As you’ll agree, love makes the world move, and when it comes to Daniel and Larisa, it sparked their creativity. With a pinch of hedonism and love for aromatherapy, they jointly designed Earth, wind and desire – a wonderful collection of very practical aromatherapy sets.

3. The Art of Wood – cool unique boards

Creative, Lovro Vujnovac from Varaždin played at Špancirfest as a Hero of the Street, and with his determination and commitment then made it onto the main festival stage, performing last year, with the band Dodger Artfool & The Vipers. Away from performing, he has another creative side making cutting boards from different types of wood. Interestingly, Lovro is responsible for the hand-made exhibition stands that decorate Šenoina Street during Špancirfest this year.

4. Diary of Dreams

Just imagine a place you could write down your dreams, wishes and fantasies?  Kristinka Lazar has done exactly that! Kristinka managed to keep the child inside her, and thanks to her positive energy and creativity, she created the first Croatian Dream Diary.

5. Women’s Ties – an indispensable fashion accessory

Men have been wearing ties for a long time. However, aren’t women and men equal? Ana Knežević recognized the opportunity of fashion combinations, patented and incorporated a tie as part of a woman’s outfit through her brand Ak Design, that simply looks great!

Kreativnica is additionally decorated with floral installations by the Inivalu Dreams brand, which enhance the atmosphere of the zone resembling a living room. A place to relax to the music of the DJ team and check out the exhibitors, taking home a fabulous souvenir but equally a piece of the artistic souls helping you to fondly remember Špancirfest forever.


Špancirfest contains a whole series of contents rich enough to function as independent events, and harmoniously united in Špancirfest.


Špancirfest contains a whole series of contents rich enough to function as independent events, and harmoniously united in Špancirfest.


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