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Špancirfest Street Festival – the big anniversary, more fun than ever with 500 reasons to come to Varaždin.

Špancir 2023 - press - najava

With just 48 days until the most anticipated event of the year – the Jubilee 25th edition of the Špancirfest Street Festival unfolds from August 18 to 27 upon the most beautiful outdoor stage, within the historic city centre of Varaždin. By far, Croatia’s most popular street festival, which has continued to win the hearts of thousands of visitors, in its special celebratory edition shares more than 500 programs, with everything from concerts, performances, plays, music, culinary and children’s workshops to small, curious and unexpected surprises as if by magic, appearing on the city streets and squares.

Join the musical journey through diverse genres
The impressive musical program of this year’s Špancirfest offers a journey through diverse musical genres, from the sounds of rock, pop, indie rock,
hip-hop to nu metal.

The main festival PAN Stage in the Old Town, with a reputation for the incredible combination of stage energy from the performers and passion
of the audience, hosts as many as 12 concerts over eight days. The incredible star-filled lineup includes Franz Ferdinand from Scotland and the young, up-coming and increasingly popular Slovenian indie rock band Joker Out. Many others to look forward to include TBF, Silente, Buč Kesidi, Neno Belan & Fiumens & Brass experience, Parni valjak feat. Igor Drvenkar, The Croatian Pink Floyd Show, BluVinil, Fran Vasilić and representatives of the local Varaždin talent, Cold Snap and Crna kronika. Admission to all concerts on the PAN Stage will be absolutely free.

The music program on the Villa Bedeković Stage kicks-off in style with the global vocal group sensation, Perpetuum Jazzile. Group Cambi bring their
fabulous Mediterranean pop sound to the city whilst Varaždin Music School students, supported by teachers and the association nuSynergetic provide the ultimate musical experience with the Nothing Else Matters concert. As you enjoy the hits of Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Nirvana sound performed by the students, they will no doubt win your hearts with their talent. Villa Bedeković Stage is also the only stage where tickets can be purchased.

Theatre comedies for evenings full of laughter
In addition to musical programs, Villa Bedeković Stage will equally, traditionally host something to always put a smile on your face – theatre comedies organized by the Kerekesh Theatre. This year’s witty theatre program features plays including: The Spinsters (Hit Theatre), Nothing without advertising (Crazy House), The Chimney Sweep and To a Healthy Mind (Kerekesh Theatre), Casabianca (Mario Lipovšek Battifiaca and Irena Grdinić) and some seriously funny stand-up comedy – Best of Goran Vinčić (Vinča).

Surprises at every step
The street program of Špancirfest is often described as the true soul of the festival, as Varaždin’s streets and squares become alive with colourful
costumes, musical sounds from unique instruments, drummers, stilt walkers and so many other creative artists. Absorb global performances of
15 artists from ten countries around of the world – from Croatia to Brazil. So much to experience from the rich program, including an innovative fresh musical extravaganza, to be performed in Croatia for the very first time – The Siren Orchestra, from the French company Mécanique Vivante.

A fabulous show is also expected on Kapucinski Square, where 32 dancers from Croatia, Great Britain, Portugal, Latvia and Germany will perform a
multimedia musical stage show, as part of the European People Power Partnership project. Špancirfest is proudly one of 14 partners from 11
European countries involved in the project.

The city streets will once again be taken over by the unavoidable Heroes of the Street. Špancirfest simply loves to combine culture and creativity with special attention at Kreativnica, where designers and renowned Croatian brands present their unique products, and in Umjetnička Street, where
artists from Varaždin and the region warmly gather.

There is also the LOOP Music Clinic, hosting free music workshops for children and beginners, and a music program on weekends.

Foodies’ paradise for lovers of great flavours and aromas
Last year’s novelty, Špancir Burger Festival, once again transforms Kapucinski Square into a real oasis of favourite flavours, and well-known gastronomic names. Those sharing their mouth-watering masterpieces include – Mate Janković, Ivan Pažanin, Melkior Bašić and Marko Palfi.
An unavoidable part of Špancirfest, when it comes to true enjoyment, has to be Wine City, once again located on the open green oasis under the
charming walls of the Old Town. The music and gastronomic program have been creatively put together by the Carlsberg Food & Retro Party zone.

Špancirfest for kids – a world of imagination, laughter, fun and education
Špancirfest is for everyone – not least keeping the young ones fully entertained. This year, find fun, educational and creative content at the Creative Park, arousing the curiosity of little explorers. Vindiland, situated near the Old Town, becomes an inexhaustible source of endless fun, games and sports activities, whilst an exciting dose of adrenaline can be found at the amusement park.

Exhibitors – everything from traditional to modern
Almost the entire historic centre of Varaždin evolves into a place where art, crafts and creativity unite, thanks to exhibitors from across Croatia ready to offer numerous products, delicacies, gift ideas and treats – from traditional to modern. With a variety of materials and techniques, our exhibitors will spark your curiosity as you feel their passion, appreciate their talent and the love they invest in their creations.

In short, get ready for a ten-day experience, like no other – overflowing with fun
and joy at the Jubilee 25th Špancirfest Street Festival.


Špancirfest contains a whole series of contents rich enough to function as independent events, and harmoniously united in Špancirfest.


Špancirfest contains a whole series of contents rich enough to function as independent events, and harmoniously united in Špancirfest.


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