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Children’s Kingdom at the 25th Špancirfest Street Festival – Packed Full of Fun,Joy and Creative Workshops.

spancirfest2023_dječji program

They say the world is in the hands of the young. With this in mind, bundles of love and effort have been put into creating a program of superb rich content for the youngest visitors at this year’s 25th Špancirfest Street Festival. From 18 -27 August, in the lush outdoor greenery of the park behind the Varaždin Cathedral, you’ll find the Creative Park and at the Old Town, discover Vindiland full of games and sports activities – some of the best spots for kids at the festival, overflowing with fun!

Over the years the children’s program at Špancirfest has gained a strong reputation due to the wonderful variety and options keeping the kids happy! The Creative Park is one of the most visited hot-spots the little ones love and always look forward to every year. Overflowing with creative and educational workshops, musical programs and interactive shows. As many as 110 workshops and more than 30 additional diverse programs are ready for children to fully enjoy and stimulate their imagination – as a child’s imagination is really unlimited. Leonard’s colouring book, Reciklopolis, Bojabee and Hokus Pokus are the names of just some of the themes behind numerous attractive workshops. Through the Science Pantry, participants can explore the universe, find fossils and dinosaurs in the sand, make their own towers and windmills, or even make toys from recycled materials.

Hokus Pokus themed workshops show children how much fun chemistry can actually be, with volcanoes, gases, vapours and winds created through interesting experiments. In Reciklopolis, children suddenly become engineers, where various challenges await them, and interesting toys are created from different types of wood. They will show their creativity in programs inspired by nature creating fairy houses, design silly hairstyles, crowns and tiaras. Arriving from Slovenia, the “House of Experiments”, the leading science centre, will showcase more than 50 interesting exhibits bringing even more scientific fun for our youngest visitors. In Strawland, create interesting sculptures, and the little ones become little dancers at the children’s disco. A welcomed daily dose of vitamins awaits the kids as part of Kaufland smoothie workshops – the perfect place to learn how to make their own healthy drink.


Špancirfest contains a whole series of contents rich enough to function as independent events, and harmoniously united in Špancirfest.


Špancirfest contains a whole series of contents rich enough to function as independent events, and harmoniously united in Špancirfest.


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