25th Špancirfest Street Festival in numbers – breaking all previous records!


This year’s 25th anniversary edition of Špancirfest, which unfolded between August 18 – 27 in Varaždin, continued the multi-year positive trend of breaking all previous records! During the ten-day extravaganza, according to the estimates of the Varazdin Police and organizers, the Varaždin Tourist Board, this year’s festival attracted more than 330,000 visitors. This is 10% more than the previous record at Špancirfest pre-pandemic 2019, visited by 300,000 people.

According to data from eVisitor, 2,946 arrivals and 6,358 overnight stays were recorded in the City of Varaždin during the ten-day festival, which is 10% more arrivals and 1.5% more overnight stays compared to last year’s festival. Špancirfest attracted visitors from abroad, with the majority who came from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

In Varaždin, during this year’s Špancirfest, according to the data of the Varaždin Tax Administration, tourist traffic (in trade and hospitality) was generated to the amount of 12.6 million euros, which is actually 20% more than at the same time across last year’s festival.

Regarding the agenda, an exciting line-up of more than 500 different programs took place throughout Špancirfest 2023. More than 200 music sessions, 70 artistic street programs and 150 program’s for children were performed at the Creative Park, together with more than 200 exhibitors presenting their products and services. This year’s edition was highlighted by the performances of, among others, Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand, in front of 15,000 visitors and Parni valjak feat. Igor Drvenkar, in front of an audience of no less than 18,000, on the main festival stage with the best production at Špancirfest so far. Visitors could also enjoy the unique dance spectacle FACE T(W)O held through the EU project “People Power Partnership” featuring 32 participating dancers.

Spectacular street art performances drove the heartbeat along the streets and squares, led by the attraction Orchestra of Sirens, from the French company Mécanique Vivante, who performed for the very first time in Croatia. The anniversary edition also brought novelties including a laser show which was held instead of fireworks, and welcomed free parking provided for all visitors at the Varteks Auto Club.

The exceptional interest Špancirfest has created is also indicated by the number of visitors to the festival’s website, with more than 1,695,000 views, becoming 16% more than last year. Between July until the end of August, during the strongest part of the social media promotional campaign, the reach of organic, i.e. unpaid, announcements on Špancirfest’s Facebook page was 1.6 million. Paid digital campaigns achieved a reach of 1.1 million, i.e. the number of impressions (views) was as high as 3.9 million. Posts about Špancirfest on social networks, in just over two months of continual communication and promotion, were displayed more than 11.6 million times, which is a new growth of 31% – compared to 2022, when record growth in this segment had already been achieved. Promotion through Google Ads achieved a reach of more than 10 million views.

In the same period, Špancirfest equally focused on other media activities and achieved significant media value at national, regional and local levels via media partnerships and distributing promo announcements. In total, as many as 1,703 media announcements related to Špancirfest were recorded (26% more than 2022), and the value of the media space, according to the report made for the needs of Špancirfest by the company Briefing, is estimated at 4.27 million euros, which is as much as 33% more than 2022.

Clearly, all these numbers evidently show that Špancirfest is a significant event within the cultural, social and economic life of Varaždin and equally, has a strong impact on the development of tourism, the promotion of the city and the increase in tourist traffic, which continues to make the festival a key event eagerly awaited every year.

Above all, Špancirfest’s overwhelming success is primarily due to the dedicated teamwork by a complete range of people, services, institutions, associations and partner companies. All these record numbers would not have been at all possible without the support, first of all, by the City of Varaždin, the Croatian Tourist Board, the Varaždin County Tourist Board, together with our sponsors, some of whom have been alongside the festival since the very beginning. Additionally, those who supported the festival include the cleaning employees of city, the Administrative Department for Construction and Communal Economy, the Administrative Department for Economic Activities, the Public Fire Department of the City of Varaždin, the Varaždin Police, the Institute for Emergency Medicine of Varaždin County together with so many others.

Ending The Final Weekend of Špancirfest in Style with Parni Valjak feat. Igor Drvenkar Closing The Festival of Good Emotions

Špancirfest - Franjevački - Bubnjari

As the festival days unfolded, step by step, we’ve finally made it to the last weekend of Špancirfest. Throughout the festival you’ve all found something for yourself among the multitude of programs of street artists, musical treats and gourmet delicacies – and there’s still time to extend this warm welcome to those who are coming this weekend. The anniversary 25th edition of Špancirfest is the most popular place-to-be in August, as many say goodbye to this year’s summer in Varaždin, by spending time strolling and enjoying everything the festival has to offer.

What happens on the streets is something special as they become taken over by the street performers “Le Cyclofa’”, “Stelzen Art” with their performance from the depths of the sea, and the wonderful “Global Drummers”. But that’s not all! Just imagine street artists majestically flying through the air on jumping stilts! Meet “Special Conquest”, as they arrive with a special glitzy-flashing vehicle, and with them the neon stilts shine in their beauty. Over the last three festival days, morning and evening, they beautifully perform on the streets in the centre of Varaždin.

Reveal foodie pleasures at almost every corner, as everyone can indulge in their favourite tasty treat. Get ready for “Cold Snap” group, providing real musical feasts on Friday at 21h on the PAN Stage at the Old Town, where they will celebrate no less than twenty years of concerts. As you make your way to the concert, stop by the chain tower in Vindiland, where the magical evening “Milk Night” unfolds, with dancers from the Vindi Dance Studio, dressed all in white will perform.

Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons are dedicated to the children’s programs in the Creative Park. Enjoy the interactive project House of Experiments, workshops Hocus Pokus and Science Pantry, as well as creating toys from straws, and the little ones can even learn to make fruit smoothies at the Kaufland Smoothie Workshop. While the kids are busy having fun, parents can have a few moments of their own, strolling and listening to Heroes of the Streets or taking a better look at some of the intriguing products at our exhibitors’ stands.

As we move into the evening hours of Saturday night, get ready for two great concerts. The popular group “Buč Kesidi” performs their talent on the PAN Stage in the Old Town. Prior to their performance, Fran Vasilić, a musically gifted young man who has gain a strong following on Tik-Tok, will guarantee a great atmosphere. On Saturday, “Besh o droM”, a Gypsy Jazz attraction from Hungary, takes the stage at the Carlsberg Food & Party Zone, performing a repertoire of the most famous songs of Romani music. A band sharing incredible energy for more than 20 years as one of the most influential Gypsy Jazz bands in the world.

On Sunday, it’s time for the spectacular festival finale of Špancirfest. The morning kicks off with the Zagreb drummers and attractive performances by “štulaša”. From 19h DJ Svemir, turning tables for 8 years, will play music at the Creative Park as it transforms into a children’s disco under the open sky. The evening is reserved for fabulous musical treats including Parni valjak featuring Igor Drvenkar on the PAN Stage in the Old Town (21h), and before them, the Varaždin band “Crna kronika” will get us all in the mood and warm up the stage (19:30h).

We still have three more exciting and dynamic days ahead of us, overflowing with great programs and entertainment! Everything about the festival program and free transportation can be found at www.spancirfest.com. Finally, a huge thanks to absolutely everyone who has enriched this year’s Špancirfest by coming to our city – hoping you’ll all fondly remember the beautiful moments you spent in Varaždin.

Taste the Flavours of Worthwhile Gastro Adventures at the 25th Špancirfest!


Traditionally, Varaždin has always been the best place to celebrate the end of summer at Croatia’s largest street festival – Špancirfest. Equally, it always becomes the best place to really enjoy a variety of superb flavours all in one place, from well-known traditional delicacies to creative innovative flavours, the gastronomic offer of this year’s anniversary edition of Špancirfest is a real foodies’ adventure – nobody should miss!

Three large festival gastro zones feature at the festival with a rich offer; Carlsberg Food & Party Zone, Wine City and Špancir Burger Festival. There are also ten smaller street food corners, and not forgetting the excellent Varaždin restaurants in the historic centre, from restaurants with a Michelin recommendation to those with a superb menu of traditional dishes. Essentially, you won’t go hungry or thirsty at Špancirfest.

To ease the stress and time of finding somewhere to park during this busy period, the City of Varaždin and the Varaždin Tourist Board have provided free parking for Špancirfest visitors at the Auto Klub Varteks car park in Biškupečka Street – every day during the festival from 17h. Guests will be transported free of charge by public city transport buses until midnight from the car park to Freedom Square (Trg slobode) in the centre of Varaždin.

To share more of a flavour of the mouth-watering delights of what’s on offer at this year’s 25th anniversary Špancirfest, we have showcased 9 gastronomic delicacies you shouldn’t miss:

1. How could anyone resist 30 thirty types of delicious burgers at Špancir Burger Festival? This tasty kingdom of delights features more than 30 offers, from smash, classic and other delicacies ready for everyone who loves-a-burger! If you’re not a meat-eater, there’s Beg’s Plant Based, surprising you with their world-class burgers – with top quality flavours. For the first time in Varaždin, Mate Janković with the Institute for Burgers, Ivan Pažanin with Chefs burgers, as well as Škartoc ljubavi, will be present as well as other new and established “burger-wizards” on Kapucinski Square.

2. Delicious Meatballs powered by Tako Yaki – to suit everyone’s taste. It’s easy to understand why Chef Martino Zanelli Kovačić prepares exquisite meatballs – as someone who simply loves them! He turned his passion into a business and has already “invented” a high number of innovative flavours. Why not try a variety of meatballs from meat, fish or, even fruit and dessert versions. Once you try them, you’ll simply want more as the love for dumplings from childhood never ends. Find them at the Carlsberg Food & Party Zone in the beautiful surroundings of the Old Town, where numerous other gastronomic surprises are ready and waiting, such as woks and wraps from the Rollin Flock team and the Zvonimir and Kajkuš restaurants with a barbecue.

3. Ferdinand knedle (Sweet dessert dumplings) – who doesn’t love them? Just try them and you’ll never forget the taste! These are no ordinary dumplings as they were named after Emperor Ferdinand, who simply adored them, and when choosing dumplings at Špancirfest, he would only say “This is for my empire”. You too can feel like an emperor – look for the attractive food truck at Špancirfest. Easy to find, located on Franciscan Square in front of Herzer Palace.

4. Gastro delicacies by Masterchef stars. The stars of the Croatian version of the TV show, Masterchef, Melkior Bašić and Damir Tomljanović will create gastronomic delicacies in Wine City, and Melkior is also in his special corner at the Špancir Burger Festival, creating finger-licking surprises. When they get to work spreading those finest aromas – it’s impossible to resist.

5. Reshetka – top quality meat delicacies made with love. The popular Đurina Hiža Restaurant from Varaždinske Toplice comes to the streets of Varaždin in the form of their mobile street-food version – Reshetka. Owner, Nikola Božić has received several national and international awards and recognitions for his meat masterpieces that everyone seems to love! So, if you’re in the mood for a tasty meat specialty, take a stroll over to Habdelić Square and pop over to the courtyard of the Medina Skrinja Pub where you’ll find Reshetka ready and waiting for you – mouth-watering juicy burgers, all made from top quality meat.

6. American style hot dogs and sandwiches. Find them at the INA Fresh Corners, in Gajeva Street and the Food & Party Zone. Juicy hot dogs and sandwiches for old and young festival visitors who like to eat and stroll – prepared with first-class meat.

7. Wines and cheeses – dream combinations. At Wine City, located in front of the beautiful Old Town castle, discover more than 500 types of wine from the most famous winemakers on offer. And when you combine the aromatic and golden drops with Vindija’s delicate cheeses, something magical happens, creating a real gourmet fantasy.

8. Fruit cones – a refreshing surprise for the summer heat. Chilled pieces of fruit in a hand-held cone is the perfect combination for kids and all fruit lovers. Simply, take them with you and you stroll through the streets, and if you have time, stop by again for another! It’s all happening at Kaufland Fresh Point in Šenoina Street, where this free dose of freshness is ready and waiting. Yes, that’s right – the fruit cones are completely free.

9. Homemade delights – something for everyone. Everything you have read so far is only just a small part of the sumptuous gastronomic offer at this year’s Špancirfest. At every step throughout the city you will find so many irresistible aromas of popular delicacies such as Varaždin klipiči, gibanica, langos, homemade cakes, ice cream, pancakes and much more. Whether you’re a fan of traditional flavours or an adventurous gourmet, you’re guaranteed to find something to match your taste at Špancirfest!

Ready for a festival stroll? In the mood for some great food and drink? See you at Špancirfest in Varaždin, from 18 – 27 August.

Perpetuum Jazzile’s concert at Špancirfest – sold out!

spancirfest2023-perpetuum rasprodano

The concert of the Slovenian attraction Perpetuum Jazzile, which will be held on the first evening of Špancirfest, on August 18, on the stage of Vila Bedeković powered by Kaufland, is – sold out.

But you still manage to buy tickets for the remaining concerts on this stage. The group Cambi, known for the hit “Zaljuben”, will entertain the audience on August 19. conquer with the Mediterranean version of the pop repertoire. This year’s festival edition of Špancirfest closes on August 27. with the concert “Nothing Else Matters”, which is prepared by the students and professors of the Music School in Varaždin in cooperation with the association nuSynergetic. He will cover some of the most famous compositions and interpret them in a classical way and bring them closer to a wider audience. Don’t miss the all-time hits of Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Nirvana in a unique performance by young musical hopefuls.

On the stage of Villa Bedeković, which is also the only paid stage at this year’s Špancirfest, six plays will be performed, prepared by the Kerekesh theater and their guests. Tickets for concerts and performances can be purchased at a price of 10 and 12 euros through the Eventim system or at their official points of sale.

Free Parking in Biškupečka Street & Shuttle Buses During Špancirfest


To help visitors enjoy Špancirfest that little more and avoid the stress of searching for parking spots during this busy time, starting in exactly one week, the City of Varaždin and the Varaždin Tourist Board have provided free parking at the Auto Club Varteks in Biškupečka Street. Free parking is available daily, running the duration of the festival from 17h and shuttle buses will run from there to Freedom Square until midnight, equally free of charge. In addition, during Špancirfest, from 18 – 27 August, city buses will operate free of charge on all existing routes.

Transportation isn’t the only thing free during the ten-day festival! Špancirfest offers around 500 various programs all free of charge, from concerts, street performances to children’s and music workshops and even fruit refreshments in Šenoina Street, which transforms into Kaufland Fresh Street. Here you’ll find lots of surprises to enjoy, including free cones with fresh chunks of fruit. Go ahead and taste them every day from 18 – 21h, at weekends from 10 – 12h and 18 – 21h at Kaufland Fresh Point in Šenoina Street.

Head over to Šenoina Street for inspiring workshops on creating your very own plant terrarium, as well as an interesting exhibition organized by the Terra Hub Association. Familiarize yourself with the “Therapy” campaign, whose goal is to present the Climate Dictionary and an exhibition of climate change concepts, in collaboration with agency 404. The first activity of the campaign was to creatively design posters, working together with media design students of the North University. Remember to check out some of the numerous photo points across the historical city centre. Not only will you be able to capture some fabulous photos but equally, win some fantastic prizes

Summer’s final party! Where? At the Špancirfest Street Festival!

Are you ready to end the summer in style? You’ve come to the right place! Traditionally, all roads lead to Varaždin during the second half of August, where Croatia’s largest street festival, Špancirfest, kicks off in just over a week. This year’s special 25th anniversary edition of the festival, unfolding on the most beautiful outdoor stage in the historical centre of the city, shares a magical journey through music, art and entertainment. More than 500 different programs sparking countless unforgettable moments invite you to experience Špancirfest for yourself, from 18 – 27 August.

Music sensations of regional & global calibre

Music sensations at a global level; from Franz Ferdinand to Perpetuum Jazzile and all this for free? Yes, that’s right, the Scottish rockers are heading to Špancirfest! The great thing is, to enjoy their music you don’t even need to buy a ticket at all, as the concert, together with all performances featured on the main PAN Festival Stage at the Old Town – are completely free to enjoy!

Along with them, look forward to a long list of talent including the young Slovenian rock attraction, Joker Out, TBF, Silente, Neno Belan & Fiumens & Brass Experience, The Croatian Pink Floyd Show, Buč Kesidi and Parni valjak feat. Igor Drvenkar. The global attraction, vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile are set to perform on the first day of Špancirfest on the beautiful Villa Bedeković Stage powered by Kaufland – the only place where tickets are purchased, showcasing a creatively designed music and theatre program.

It’s not just the main stages where you’ll hear music over the 10-day summer of Špancirfest. Feet-tapping beats, tunes and rhythms on almost every corner of the historic core of the city, on smaller and pop-up stages, and also along the streets and squares. During the ten days of the festival, more than 200 music programs of a range of musical styles – there really is something for everyone!

Street art leaving you breathless – orchestra of sirens, luminous robots, jumping stilt walkers, weird & wonderful vehicles…

spancirfest2023-orkestar sirena

Street performers, that have almost become a trademark of Špancirfest, are responsible for that unique charming energy that you feel in Varaždin, no matter which day you visit of the festival. Arriving from more than a dozen countries from around the world, together they’ll showcase more than 70 attractive, energetic and extremely colourful performances, giving you some perfect Instagram pics – guaranteed. At Špancirfest you’ll experience so many talented street performances, that you have never seen before – except perhaps in photographs.

The French Siren Orchestra make their debut in Croatia with their curiously quirky, large and attractive musical locomotives. Compatriot Nicolas Bras will be ready to entertain you by playing as many as 17 different instruments crafted by recycled materials. Not forgetting the Italian family La Famiglia Mirabella, essentially leaving you breathless with their performances in-the-air. Luminous robots on stilts, human-water-creatures from the depths of the sea, stilt walkers on jumping stilts and weird and wonderful vehicles that create space flashes, are just a flavour of the characters you’ll get to know in this beautiful street fairy-tale.

Innovation & inspiration with 100 exhibitors

Špancirfest - Kreativnica

The colourful streets of Varaždin become even more vibrant and charming during Špancirfest all thanks to the playful, appealing colours of the exhibition booths and stands, offering a wide variety of products, from traditional to modern, as well as authentic delicacies. The city’s most charming street, which transforms into “Kreativnica” (Creative Street), showcases the talents of as many as 50 creative artisans, with their creative and innovative products, each one with their own inspiring story to share. A woman’s tie, dream diary, extraordinary posters, wooden works of art, unique pens, jewellery, designer clothing – all just a taste of some of the products you’ll discover at Špancirfest

Foodies Heaven – an even richer selection of food & drink

The culinary offer at Špancirfest has never been more lavish ready to capture your taste-buds at first bite! The Špancir Burger Festival offers a mighty selection of dozens of the best burgers. Wine City showcases 500 types of wine, and in addition, two famous Chefs, Melkior Bašić and Damir Tomljanović, will put together tasty mouth-watering surprise dishes in both, Wine City and the Špancir Burger Festival.

Close to the Old Town, there are two food and drink zones – Vinski grad and Carlsberg Food & Party zone, proud of their gourmet delights. Ferdinand Dumplings, available on Franjevacki Square, are already a sensation in some Croatian cities, and while strolling through the streets and squares, you’ll find it hard to resist the delicious homemade cakes and traditional klipič. The only dilemma you’ll have is listening to your taste-buds as to which choice to make!

All programs, except those at the Villa Bedeković Stage powered by Kaufland, are completely free. Get your tickets for plays and concerts at the Villa via www.eventim.hr

Kreativnica – Fun & Creativity Go Hand in Hand at the 25th Špancirfest

spancirfest2023-kreativnica pr

At „Kreativnica“, Špancirfest’s most creative spot of the festival, this year welcomes a record number of no less than 50 exhibitors. Never before have so many creative exhibitors been present at Kreativnica in Uska Street (Narrow Street) which simply became “too narrow”, so this year it’s time to spread and expand the area to include part of Kukuljevićeva Street and Marijan Zuber Walkway. Although difficult to choose the best on offer as they are all excellent designers with attractive, interesting and creative products, for those who are lovers of creativity and design, we showcase five interesting stories behind this year’s creatives.

1. Unusual Posters – get-to-know the analog-digital puzzles of modern life

Boris Pleša showcases creative posters inspired by POP culture! If you’re looking for an attractive framed poster, drop by his exhibition space during Špancirfest, and maybe one of them would fit perfectly in your room. An extra benefit of his work is that all posters are printed on recycled paper.

2. Aromatherapy Sets – feel the gentle touch of Mediterranean winds

As you’ll agree, love makes the world move, and when it comes to Daniel and Larisa, it sparked their creativity. With a pinch of hedonism and love for aromatherapy, they jointly designed Earth, wind and desire – a wonderful collection of very practical aromatherapy sets.

3. The Art of Wood – cool unique boards

Creative, Lovro Vujnovac from Varaždin played at Špancirfest as a Hero of the Street, and with his determination and commitment then made it onto the main festival stage, performing last year, with the band Dodger Artfool & The Vipers. Away from performing, he has another creative side making cutting boards from different types of wood. Interestingly, Lovro is responsible for the hand-made exhibition stands that decorate Šenoina Street during Špancirfest this year.

4. Diary of Dreams

Just imagine a place you could write down your dreams, wishes and fantasies?  Kristinka Lazar has done exactly that! Kristinka managed to keep the child inside her, and thanks to her positive energy and creativity, she created the first Croatian Dream Diary.

5. Women’s Ties – an indispensable fashion accessory

Men have been wearing ties for a long time. However, aren’t women and men equal? Ana Knežević recognized the opportunity of fashion combinations, patented and incorporated a tie as part of a woman’s outfit through her brand Ak Design, that simply looks great!

Kreativnica is additionally decorated with floral installations by the Inivalu Dreams brand, which enhance the atmosphere of the zone resembling a living room. A place to relax to the music of the DJ team and check out the exhibitors, taking home a fabulous souvenir but equally a piece of the artistic souls helping you to fondly remember Špancirfest forever.

Children’s Kingdom at the 25th Špancirfest Street Festival – Packed Full of Fun,Joy and Creative Workshops.

spancirfest2023_dječji program

They say the world is in the hands of the young. With this in mind, bundles of love and effort have been put into creating a program of superb rich content for the youngest visitors at this year’s 25th Špancirfest Street Festival. From 18 -27 August, in the lush outdoor greenery of the park behind the Varaždin Cathedral, you’ll find the Creative Park and at the Old Town, discover Vindiland full of games and sports activities – some of the best spots for kids at the festival, overflowing with fun!

Over the years the children’s program at Špancirfest has gained a strong reputation due to the wonderful variety and options keeping the kids happy! The Creative Park is one of the most visited hot-spots the little ones love and always look forward to every year. Overflowing with creative and educational workshops, musical programs and interactive shows. As many as 110 workshops and more than 30 additional diverse programs are ready for children to fully enjoy and stimulate their imagination – as a child’s imagination is really unlimited. Leonard’s colouring book, Reciklopolis, Bojabee and Hokus Pokus are the names of just some of the themes behind numerous attractive workshops. Through the Science Pantry, participants can explore the universe, find fossils and dinosaurs in the sand, make their own towers and windmills, or even make toys from recycled materials.

Hokus Pokus themed workshops show children how much fun chemistry can actually be, with volcanoes, gases, vapours and winds created through interesting experiments. In Reciklopolis, children suddenly become engineers, where various challenges await them, and interesting toys are created from different types of wood. They will show their creativity in programs inspired by nature creating fairy houses, design silly hairstyles, crowns and tiaras. Arriving from Slovenia, the “House of Experiments”, the leading science centre, will showcase more than 50 interesting exhibits bringing even more scientific fun for our youngest visitors. In Strawland, create interesting sculptures, and the little ones become little dancers at the children’s disco. A welcomed daily dose of vitamins awaits the kids as part of Kaufland smoothie workshops – the perfect place to learn how to make their own healthy drink.

World-Class Performers at the 25th Špancirfest Street Festival


Ever since the initial beginnings of Špancirfest, the special magic of the festival has always been the vibrant street program, as the streets, squares and street performers become the true soul of this festival. The all-day city feel-good-vibe and special charm has always been created by the carefully selected artists, who capture the attention of street audiences with their innovative and creative artistic performances. Interestingly, many debuted their first performances in Croatia at Špancirfest.

This year’s special anniversary edition warmly welcomes no less than fifteen artistic company groups with more than 75 artists from various European countries ready to perform across the city streets. As a visitor to the festival, you can expect more than 70 artistic street programs including a guaranteed special highlight – the Siren Orchestra, from the French company Mécanique Vivante, performing in Croatia for the very first time.

Over from Italy, the festival welcomes the fabulous family of performers, La Famiglia Mirabella. Combining playful performances up in the air, with acrobatics and juggling, all with bundles of emotions – this will no doubt grab everyone’s interest and intrigue. Frenchman Nicolas Bras will play as many as 18 different instruments, creatively made all from recycling various materials. Have you ever seen glowing robots on stilts? This is exactly
what the Global Drummers are all about – ready to share an amazing drumming surprise.

Those who know Špancirfest well, will already be familiar with the popular stilt-walkers from the Stolen Art group, who this year, come to us from the depths of the sea. Although they are aquatic creatures, they are just as charming on land. Equally, experience their friends – performers known as Special Conquest jumping high on spring-loaded stilts, followed by the indispensable member of this interesting trio with his strange vehicle, creating small cosmic flashes.

A special feature of this year’s festival is the large-scale production of the People Power Partnership dance-theatre project. This intriguing four-year European project unites 104 young dancers aged from 18 to 25 from 11 countries, and Špancirfest welcomes 32 dancers from Great Britain, Portugal, Germany to Varaždin. Together with the creative team, the young dancers will create a spontaneous performance on the spot that will transform into a multimedia spectacle, and with their premiere performance on the first day of the festival at Kapucinski Square, truly warming-up the festival atmosphere.

Artistic programs along the streets performed by numerous performers really become a truly magical experience, and many would say the signature of this festival, complemented by a rich cultural heritage that creates the perfect backdrop for the most beautiful outdoor stage.

Rhythms of Špancirfest – More Than 200 Musical Treats at the 25th Anniversary Edition


This year’s special 25th edition of the Špancirfest Street Festival brings more than 200 music programs, across two large stages together with several smaller stages and along the streets and squares of the entire historic core. On the Old Town PAN Stage, audiences can expect 12 concerts in 8 days and at the Villa Bedeković Stage, powered by Kaufland, 3 fabulous concerts. Every day of the festival expect beats and rhythms everywhere you go – from the Food & Party Zone in the Old Town and Miljenko Stančića Square, to „Kreativnica“ in Uska Street and in the music camp on Varazdin’s main square known as „Korzo“. Add this to the almost 100 concerts of Hero’s Street and about 40 programs as part of the LOOP Music Clinic in Gajeva Street, you can understand why the musical rhythms play a real part of this vibrant colourful street festival.

Get ready for three memorable performances on the beautiful stage of Villa Bedeković, with a special evening atmosphere under the starry-night-sky. On 18.8, the first evening of the festival, the Slovenian talents of Perpetuum Jazzile perform on stage, one of the world’s largest vocal ensembles, whose members imitate drumming beats, various percussion instruments as well as those from nature – all simply with the sound of their voice. Group Cambi, known for the hit “Zaljuben”, will entertain an audience on 19.8 with the Mediterranean version of their pop repertoire. This year’s festival edition on 27.8 beautifully closes with the concert “Nothing Else Matters”, prepared by the talented students and professors of the Varaždin Music School in cooperation with the association nuSynergetic.

This performance will feature some of the most famous compositions and interpret them in a classical way, bringing them closer to a wider audience. Don’t miss some of the all-time hits of Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Nirvana in a unique performance by upcoming young musical talent. The Villa Bedeković Stage, which is also the only paid stage at this year’s Špancirfest, features six comedy theatre plays, created by the Kerekesh theatre and their guests. Tickets for concerts and performances are on sale for 10 and 12 euros through Eventim or at the official points of sale.

Music truly flows through Špancirfest at every step of the festival. Notably, this year showcases so many famous DJs performing at the Sunset on Miljenka Stančić Square, on Kapucinski Square as part of the Špancir Burger Festival and at “Kreativnica” in Uska Street. The tasty flavours and
fun at the Food & Party Zone bring the rhythms of retro music, and equally, introducing world music back to Špancirfest. Mario Kovač and the Elvis Real Tribute Band will take us all back, reminding us of the greatest hits of the king of rock, Elvis Presley, together with everything to get us in the party mood, by the dance queen of the 90’s, Ivana Banfić. Flow into the reggae rhythms with the popular band One Dread then time for a touch of World Music by the Hungarian Gypsy Jazz attraction Besh o droM. Enjoy the Belgian-Spanish-French-Italian quartet Rumbaristas, who entertain European and global audiences with their innovative expression, or why not feel inspired by new sounds from the Balkans with modern arrangements showcased by the band Balkan Zoo, intriguingly combining elements of Roma music with colourful flamenco.

As you stroll through the colourful city streets, make sure you step over to Hero’s Street, where you can discover young, talented up-coming musicians showcasing their skills. Equally, there is the unavoidable LOOP Music Clinic, which offers a fantastic list of 40 music programs including
performances by Ivana Galić & SoulBeat, Yogi Lonich and Gadjo Manouche.

Although performers on the main PAN Stage at the Old Town have already been previously announced – let’s take another peek of what’s to come: one of the biggest rock bands, Franz Ferdinand from Scotland come to Varaždin for this special 25th edition, preceded by the young and increasingly popular Slovenian indie rock band Joker Out. The list of fantastic performances continues featuring TBF, Silente, Buč Kesidi, Neno Belan & Fiumens & Brass Experience, Parni valjak feat. Igor Drvenkar, The Croatian Pink Floyd Show, BluVinil, Fran Vasilić, Cold Snap and Crna kronika. Remember, entrance to all the above-mentioned concerts is absolutely – FREE.

Among the 200 musical programs featured at this year’s Špancirfest, there really is something for everyone as you absorb the atmosphere for an unforgettable musical journey.